Apartment + Apartment

Free and without barriers. We kept only two corner rooms, which suited us with their minimal size and location.

The position of the wooden box defines an intermediate space with a cloakroom and a technical warehouse.

The structural system is designed as a two-span reinforced concrete skeleton with ribbed ceilings and cantilevered pavilions. The simplicity of the structure proved to be crucial in the approach to the design of the units. Apart from the load-bearing columns and chimney bodies, the plan layout can be completely customised.

We kept the functions that needed their own separate space to a minimum and put them in two independent wooden boxes. The first one is loosely tucked under the main breezeway and contains the kitchen, storage, and toilet.

I wanted the old footprint of the apartment to remain in the new concept. So we left it printed in the floor. The white terrazzo strip in place of the original structures reminds us of how the apartment originally functioned.

The second box contains a bathroom with a view, a modular rest set and a workstation.

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