Reconstruction of AON Office Premises Prague

the three motifs intertwine, complement and balance each other in various forms

representation, work and relaxation

Floor plan of the second floor with multifunctional meeting rooms, dining room and wellbeing area.

the main meeting room can be divided into three independent meeting rooms thanks to a system of sliding acoustic upholstered panels

The VIP meeting room is dominated by a majestic circular table with a rosewood pattern under the piano lacquer and a two-metre diameter chandelier made of a single thread. It came into place through a window at night with the help of climbers and architects.

colleagues meet at a massive wooden table with benches over a cup of freshly brewed coffee or over lunch

Employees can use the upholstered meeting points hanging on the walls of the main corridor for a quick meeting, take a call in the phonebox by the oak log, hold a short meeting in the micro office with its glass and stainless steel cladding, or use a number of smaller meeting rooms.

subtle curves at the corners of the upholstered acoustic wall blur distinctive shadows and give the feeling of a larger space in a small back office

green walls and trees at the meeting point

Wellbeing hidden behind a mossy wall provides the opportunity for meditation, concentration, privacy and the most precious commodity - silence. Its five-metre high circular space, made of wooden profiles, is also used for exercise and twice a week it hosts massages throughout the day as part of an employee benefit.

an important part of the project is working with the ceiling landscape
PROGRES architekti s.r.o. Kamenická 4, 170 00 Prague 7