Sport's hall Nový Jičín - 2nd place




The uniqueness of the site's surroundings co-creates the concept of the building - in thought, space and material.

In the synergistic intersection of operations, a new heart of the site is created - a beating meeting place.

It does not hide the life inside the building, it enlivens the place, initiating activity and the desire to join in.

The building grows into the structure of the surroundings by maximum connection to the ground floor, greenery and morphology of the terrain.

Thanks to its sophisticated connection to the surroundings, it ensures completely barrier-free, collision-free operation for athletes and spectators.

The choice of materials, design and construction method was determined by environmental considerations.

The sophisticated energy concept and the use of natural resources move the building towards energy self-sufficiency and minimal operating costs.

no barriers
PROGRES architekti s.r.o. Kamenická 4, 170 00 Prague 7