Technical Services Base Lysolaje

not to miss the opportunity to reveal a unique poetics...
functionality, truthfulness, variability, sustainability, respect for the surroundings

The spatial modular web of the prefabricated concrete frame fulfils the maximum level of variability and allows us to comfotably place two operations with different requirements.

The larger technical area contains garages for maintenance vehicles, a material storage and a indoor depot.

The smaller area for the crew has significantly different requirements in terms of room size, lighting, acoustics, internal temperature and appearance. We therefore designed it as an independent inset box of lightweight prefabricated steel construction.

The spatial nothing - the entrance atrium - plays a crucial role in the way the house works. It serves as a link to the street, the main entrance and a communication node, whose level of openness can be adjusted by large pivoting gills. Its skin of glass illuminates the interior with soft diffused light. It is a semi-private meeting point where rain falls, grass grows and tomatoes are planted.

All interior spaces are illuminated by natural daylight and all living areas have a high standard of interior acoustics.

The public building should set the trend in the areas of sustainability, working with renewable energies, the standard of the interior environment and the materials used.

The use of exposed structures and materials without additional covering layers underlines the overall authentic expression.
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